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Shelf stable beverages cannot be fortified with a probiotic

It’s not a secret that the probiotic GanedenBC30 is in many of the growing number of probiotic beverages lining the cold cases at the grocery store. Many beverage manufacturers use GanedenBC30 precisely because it turns their products into probiotic SKUs. As the probiotic market continues to grow, manufacturers wanting to offer shelf-stable products but often think they are out of luck when it comes to adding a probiotic —this actually isn’t the case.

With innovations in packaging and GanedenBC30’s unique shelf-stable properties, a whole new world of probiotic beverages is now available.

Probiotic Straws:
Ganeden has teamed up with CapAble AB a global leader in unique probiotic packaging solutions, to create a new telescoping GanedenBC30 LifeTop™ Probiotic Straw that can be used in both refrigerated and shelf stable milk or juice boxes, pouches and bottles. The straws have 1 billion CFU of GanedenBC30 probiotic and can be seamlessly applied to Tetra Pak and other shelf stable beverage containers. The innovation could heavily impact the Children’s Beverage Market, which is growing at a quick clip as parents look for healthy options.

Probiotic Caps:
Innovation is allowing caps on beverage bottles to deliver functional ingredients like GanedenBC30. The caps hold predetermined quantities of powder ingredients in a hermetically sealed, protected chamber. The contents are released by pushing down on the top of the cap by the consumer at the time of use, which breaks the seal and releases the powder. This intuitive and user friendly dispensing system delivers stability, improves shelf life and opens up otherwise untouched markets for probiotic beverages.

It’s an exciting time for the probiotics market with innovation and science taking probiotic product possibilities to new places. GanedenBC30’s unique structure safeguards the cell's genetic material from the heat and pressure of the manufacturing process. It easily incorporates into products, overcomes shelf-life challenges and withstands the acid and bile to which it's exposed during digestive transit. This means that it’s easy to formulate a wide range of products with GanedenBC30 even, shelf-stable beverages.

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