What Health Claim You Can Use On Packaging

With today’s health-conscience consumers, it’s so important for food and beverage manufacturers to offer products with a functional health benefit. And to do so successfully, the product must effectively communicate that benefit to the shopper. One great way to do so is to put a health benefit claim on packaging. Science-backed GanedenBC30 probiotic will support the following 5 health benefit claims:


70% of consumers are familiar with the term “probiotic” and relate the term to a health benefit. Simply putting the word “probiotic” on your packaging will give you an advantage. Products containing probiotics are considered to be on the “cutting edge”, and probiotics are in the news daily.

Supports Digestive Health

Studies have shown that GanedenBC30 survives gastric transit to germinate in the intestines and reduce abdominal pain and bloating, reduce post prandial gas and enhance utilization of consumed nutrients such as protein.

Supports Immune Health

Studies have shown that when the body is challenged (by colds and the flu for example) GanedenBC30 helps up regulate the protective cytokines which help fight the challenge. When the body is challenged by over active cytokines (inflammation related to arthritis, for example) it helps down regulate these cytokines.

Supports Protein Utilization

The most recent of 12 studies conducted to support this claim demonstrated an increase in protein utilization, a decrease in recovery time as measured by a reduction in muscle swelling, reduction in blood creatine kinase levels, decrease in soreness, increase in perceived recovery, increase in power and an increase in amino acid levels.

GanedenBC30 Survives 10X More Effectively Than Yogurt Cultures

In a study conducted at a 3rd party lab of a simulated gastric environment with a pH of 2.0 for two hours, GanedenBC30 cells were delivered 10X more effectively than yogurt cultures.

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